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Product Name: Niko  
SKU: OTP-3211W
Price (CAN$): $1375.00
Product Description: NIKO New Vision OTP-3211W 32" HDTV-LCD features advanced image enhancement technologies that deliver stunning television and video entertainment. INTENSE COLOR, HIGH CONTRAST IMAGES, 1366x768 resolution, and powerful 10-watt stereo speakers with virtual surround sound capability immerse you in the action. Integrated connections give you versatile HD* TV compatibility regardless of your HD signal source.
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Product Name: Viewsonic  
SKU: N3260
Price (CAN$): $1600.00
Product Description: Impressive HDTV.
ViewSonic's N3260w high-definition 32" widescreen LCD TV provides the ultimate high-definition visual experience by combining DNX™ IMAGE PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY with a super-fast 8ms video response time. WATCH OFF-THE-AIR BROADCASTS on true HDTV with 1366x768 resolution, high brightness and contrast ratio, the N3260w delivers rich, saturated color for DVDs, movies and sport.
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Product Name: BENQ  
SKU: DV3250
Price (CAN$): $1700.00
Product Description: The Ultimate Visual Sensation Exclusive Senseye technology for fine-tuned, true-to life images. By optimizing color, clarity, motion and contrast, Senseye technology produces vivid, true-to-life images that are distinctly deeper, richer and clearer

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Product Name: NEC  
SKU: LCD3210
Price (CAN$): $2300.00
Product Description: .Give your digital display applications the “wow factor” they need to reach audiences with maximum impact with the 32” (31.5” VIS) NEC MultiSync LCD3210. This next generation large-screen LCD features the exclusive Digital Signage Technology Suite (DSTS), which boasts many advanced features that take its display performance to uncharted levels.

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